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Our Get-Togethers

This isn´t just a simple cooking class. Our cooking sessions are about helping people to connect outside of the digital world- in real life- around tasty food. In our get-togethers, our wish is that you can enjoy people already in your life, make new friends, meet a possible business partner or even the one…. or at least possible ones.

“Cooking is an expression that crosses boundaries.” - Ranveer Brar

These dinners are some of the best social events I've been to in Berlin! The people are awesome, the cooking is fun and the vibes are always magical. I always burst with excitement every time I'm invited to one. It's an incredible soul-filling experience and I can't wait for the next one!
Connecting with Amazing People

It is said over and over that to move forward, it is important who you have in your life. Our idea is to get a room full of people to meet each other in the “real world”, that are loving life.  This is why our events are invitation based.

Connecting with your tastebuds

One of our favorite ways to discover culture when we travel is to eat the local cuisine. Unfortunately or fortunately not everyone can travel every day, so we bring the world around the corner. We sometimes might get you out of your comfort zone spoon by spoon and other times we help bring a few memories back with each bite.

Connecting everything together

Eating on the go or as an afterthought instead of enjoyment is what many of us have gotten used to. Each of our sessions mix cooking with a spirit of community and the sound of laughter. We do not only focus on how the ingredients are prepared but that every dish brings along an enjoyable experience. Either way, we don´t let your taste buds just go through the motions.

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Wanna Join our cooking experiences

Our nights are invitation only but you are welcome to apply to join one of our cooking experiences.

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