the Cooking Sessions series

Hoping to inspire you to roll out your own story.

We hear about the importance of “storytelling” – sharing our own stories. However, we can state this easier than it is done sometimes. Especially if we are at the beginning of our story or at the part where we feel we should already be in the next chapter. In the moments, where life is not flowing as we expect or we are not sure how to turn to the next page, hearing the story of someone that has been in our shoes or where we want to be can inspire us.

Our goal is that a fire is lit not only in your kitchen but also in your dreams. “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” –Friedrich Nietzsche
We are a little crazy about Cooking Sessions series , for moments, for life, for others, and for our dreams.

The only real stumbling block is fear of failure.
In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.
~Julia Child~

The First episodes are coming soon

thecookingsessions first episode with Toma Clark Haines with mimosa and explaining, series
Closed doors can lead to a new path

We can stand in the middle of our lives not sure what to do. Sometimes you are planning for a certain door to open then it closes and life happens further. As a result, we find ourselves standing before several more doors that seem to have also been slammed shut. What do we do from there? We look into this in our interview with the Antiques Diva Toma Haines.

thecookingsessions episode 2, Isabelle Reus and tabitha standing in the kitchen waiting for camera, cooking, storytelling
Sometimes a change can do you good

We happily go down one direction investing time, money, our dreams to all of a sudden have a different path open up. Do we take it? Does this mean all the energy and investing we have put into the first path was a waste? Would it be seen as a failure? This is what we talk about with Isabelle Reuss that went from acclaimed singer to catering goddess and founder of My Goodness.

thecookingsessions episode three Niko woischnik, Lewoi, smiling with arm around tabitha standing in kitchen, toa
From employed to self-employed

Sometimes we live to expectations or simply don´t want to rock the boat of having a stable job with a sure career path. Is it smart then to leave that to start your own project or business? We are not sure that it is a better option than what we know. We explore this topic with Niko Woischnik the founder of TOA conference, Openers and the recently acquired Ahoy! Berlin.

If you know someone making waves in the world with an inspiring story that should be shared then let us know
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