Corporate cooking Sessions

We use our background in psychology and coaching mixed with a bit of fun along with appetizing ingredients to create a team building exercise that strengthens relationships and communication within or with your company.

Team Building – Company Event – Leadership Growth Retreat – Client Appreciation Events

Food is so primal, so essential a part of our lives, often the mere sharing of recipes with strangers turns them into friends. ~Jasmine Heiler


The Following side effects can happen to your team after taking part in one of our cooking sessions ​

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Culture Strengthened
Relationships Improving
Productivity Boosted

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Happier Working Environment
Turns Co-workers into people
More Likely to Share a Laugh

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Better Communication
Collaboration Encouraged
Creativity Promoted

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Encourages Risk Taking
Problem Solving Skills Developed
Improved Motivation and Momentum

Our Services

For Employees

Sometimes companies get so focused on meeting a goal or supporting customers that the value of employees or co-workers is forgotten. We want to support you and your teams to strengthen relationships with each other and internal communication with a different type of team building exercise.

For Clients and Suppliers

With certain customers and suppliers, your goal is to work with them long term. We understand this and desire to help you to sustain these connections. Besides, there´s something about the statement that you get to the heart through the stomach.​

For Management Teams

Whether your management has been recently hatched or have been around since the dawn of time, we can all use a chance to connect with each other outside of deadlines and everyday stresses.

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