Eat -en- Greet Nights

An introduction to our cooking experiences

We help you to meet amazing people offline.

 These cooking sessions are nights of fun, delicious food, laughter and hopefully new friends. Each invitation is an introduction to another culture through the taste-buds without leaving your city. One cuisine is chosen per night, such as Korean, Brazilian, Italian, Mexican, etc. to create the menu from. Each dish is a part of the local culture of the highlighted country. You will be exploring the specific cuisine with 20-30 other guests. A great number to be lively without overwhelming. You get to learn a new recipe along with a taste for travel.


cutting board with avocado, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, spinach, spring onions, jalapenos, cooking night
Food Adventurer

10€-25€  ~ Plus ingredients /drinks as requested
An introduction to one of our cooking nights while allowing us to cover the costs of venue, staff, etc.

hand filling jar with seeds, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, with salad ingredients, tasty ingredients
Food Enthusiast

30€-60€ ~ Plus ingredients /drinks as specified.
A simple introduction is nice but a few cuisines require a bit more to fully appreciate them.

eat en greet hands mashing plantains, cassava, guys hands hold

All of our experiences are invitation only but we love to meet new people.

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