Cooking for One

Mixing up a little romance in the kitchen

We help you to meet amazing people offline.

We hear over and over from singles that they do not see the point of cooking when it is only for themselves. However, we feel you are missing out in treating yourself and being able to create tasty and healthy experiences. Because of this, we decided to create a cooking series that highlights dishes that are perfect when you are cooking for one and also gives you a chance to meet other singles in Berlin with a desire for food and life. Each cooking session puts together a group of 12-16 singles that are open for a relationship. Our goal is that there will be a few long term pairings outside of the sauce and the main.


hand filling jar with seeds, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, with salad ingredients, tasty ingredients
Food Enthusiast

30€-60€ ~ Plus ingredients /drinks as specified.
A simple introduction is nice but a few cuisines require a bit more to fully appreciate them.

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65€-150€ ~Plus ingredients /drinks or a bottle of wine as specified
We tailor these nights by choosing guests that you can connect with over a shared interest.

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Price starts at 200€ These nights are raised up a level and we go out of our way to choose guests that match with the others while being surrounded by superb ingredients.

“Alcohol is a misunderstood vitamin.”
- P G Wodehouse

red wine in a wine glass surrounded by cheese, sandwich meat, fruit, honey, nuts and crackers, singles cooking night

We want to make sure that our cooking session for singles has a fun atmosphere and a welcome environment to meet others. Which is why, we like to meet everyone before sending an invitation for one of these events. We are a little bit more selective at this phase.

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