Secret Dining, Supper Clubs & Cooking Getaways

Bringing out the adventure in cooking

We help you to meet amazing people offline.

Cooking and dining can truly be an experience and experiences can be made better with a dash of adventure thrown in.  These adventures go from invitation-only dinners over the rooftops of the city or on a tram traveling through Berlin, or a different place that you might not expect. We also bring a group of people to exciting places to learn more about the secrets behind local dishes for e.g. go to Spain for the weekend to learn how to make Paella or Saint Lucia to fully appreciate the art of chocolate.



chef squeezing lemon fish outdoor grilling, cooking classes

45€-200€ ~Plus a bottle of wine as specified
These nights focus on meeting other people in a pop-up location, supperclub or other out of the ordinary locations.

hand filling jar with seeds, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, with salad ingredients, tasty ingredients

It is more about what you are experiencing than the price but we make sure each  culinary excursion or dinner is outstanding, exclusive and intertwines with your senses.

plants hanging from the ceiling, dining tables, secret dinner, supperclub

All of our experiences are invitation only but we love to meet new people.

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