Beyond Networking

Connecting with others over food and similar passions

We help you to meet amazing people offline.

 When you spend time with people that share a similar passion or focus, you might walk away feeling motivated or with a new idea/ perspective or maybe just a bounce in your step. Add a few appetizing dishes to make your tastebuds happy and it is a winning combination. We call it beyond networking since the aim for each session is to meet like-minded people with a shared focus around great food instead of checking numbers off a page. Networking opportunities range from business to hobbies to passion projects, etc. It is not about selling what you do but being inspired.


hand filling jar with seeds, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, with salad ingredients, tasty ingredients
Food Enthusiasts

30€-60€ ~ Plus ingredients /drinks as specified.
A simple introduction is nice but a few cuisines require a bit more to fully appreciate them.

chef squeezing lemon fish outdoor grilling, cooking classes

65€-100€ ~Plus ingredients /drinks or a bottle of wine as specified
These nights offer a more tailored experience plus a larger variety of cuisines and guest chefs.

lamp with books nightime, cooking experiences, secret dinner, cooking getaway
Food Enthusiasts

Price starts at 120€ These nights are for those that love superb ingredients, out of the ordinary locations, and feel that eating should really be a memorable experience.

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All of our experiences are invitation only but we love to meet new people.

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