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Our cooking experiences are not just focused on food but on personal connections as well.

So why Connection? Ever had that feeling of being in the middle of a group of people but still feeling alone. I know I have had it and others here have experienced it as well. I don´t like the feeling but sometimes it seems once you leave school/university, it is a bit harder to meet people beyond the small talk. Being busy and constantly connected online doesn´t seem to make it any easier either.
We have read in studies that we live healthier and longer if we have deeper connections. So we generally know we need it. BUT how do we connect? For me, it has required being intentional in getting out there to meet people and being open to what can happen. On this page, I have placed videos that have helped me break down the scariness of it all and to connect easier. We hope you learn something from them and would love to hear about the stories that have happened as a side-effect. Feel free to let us know. In the meantime, happy connecting.
-Message from the founder

Importance of vulnerability

What helps us to create deeper connections with other people?

Getting Past small talk

Most people hate small talk but how do we get past this?

connecting: Digitally or in person

Is connecting digitally as helpful doing it outside of electronic devices?

How to Connect

Does how you feel make a difference?

Talk to Strangers

You do it everyday anyway.

Need for connection

Is it really necessary?

“My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.” –  Orson Welles

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