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How does it work?


So you want to learn to make a few delicious dishes and meet several new people but how does it work? We select an international cuisine or a chef for the cooking session then the invitations are sent out. Upon receipt, you would need to register your attendance and update any dietary needs by the date stated on the invite or your spot will be given to someone else. Depending on the format, you will receive the address and which ingredients to bring two days before.

On the night

On the night, we ask you to bring a sunny mood, yourself, and which items your confirmation states.

Let the cooking begin...

After everyone arrives, we will discover a little more about the cuisine we are making then break into smaller groups to start cooking.

.....the best for last

Then it is on to one of our favorite parts of a cooking experience~ eating what we have prepared.

I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food.

~W.C. Fields

Frequently asked questions

What we enjoy the most about our events besides the food is the people. We aim to bring people together. You probably won´t walk away with being best buds with everyone but if you make 1 or 2, we will see it as a success. Which is why we put a little effort into arranging people for each event. We also want it to be a safe place for everyone no matter your color, heritage, religion or sexual orientation but feel free to apply.

We wouldn´t want you to miss out on hunting for certain ingredients. The adventure usually starts there plus these nights are about everyone making the dinner happen. However, we still need to pay for the venues, preparation of menu, staff, or chef plus anything else that makes a night happen.

All of our events are set with a limited capacity and we structure our menus around how many people are going to take part. If you are not going to show up, we want to give other people a chance to join but we do need a little time to find a new great fit.

As long as you cancel 4 days in advance, then you will receive a refund for the dinner fee minus processing costs.

Depends on which one you choose but from 3-5 hours. It is specified on the application form.

No we will have everything here for you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Us

Our guests say

"Tabitha is a natural host: she'll make you feel happy, comfortable and even if you are born with two left hands, she somehow magically transforms your mindset into thinking you're the best chef in the world. I love the diversity of personalities and cultures: everyone has an incredibly interesting story to tell and is super friendly. You arrive alone, a bit puzzled and unsure about your cooking abilities, 10 min later you're laughing with a bunch of people, making incredible dishes you've never heard of and indulging yourself in tasty aromas. It's an amazing way to make friends, find a business or romantic partner while tasting great foods and having a lot of fun!"
Amazing leadership and presentation plus explanation of the cooking topic. A atmosphere of celebration. Tabitha cares about every dish and helps a lot. Very good conversations and Lots of fun.
"I enjoyed myself. The food was lovely and I enjoyed the company of the other guests there. The team are amazing hosts with a big heart and genuine love for people and food"
Having attended a few different cooking events with this incredible team, I have been most blown away by the details that come together to make for such dynamic sessions that are truly nurturing for the soul. They effortlessly present rich opportunities for collaborative team-building, engaged cross-cultural conversations, and learning about different creative culinary expressions. Could not more highly recommend.
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